On Demand Webinar

Level Up: Integrating Twilio at Scale with Go

The Twilio Go helper library offers new functionality and takes advantage of modern language features. We’ve built it from the ground up based on developer feedback we received from you.

On Demand

Gareth Paul Jones and Aaron Hung and Bilal Boussayoud

Whether you are building your first product with Twilio or looking to expand your product offering, you need easy access to tools in the programming languages or environments you use.

Join us for this Level Up where you will learn how to scale your integration with Twilio using Go. We'll walk through scaling a simple app with Go, and talk about best practices.


Gareth is a Group Product Manager for our Developer Experience Team. Prior to joining Twilio he worked at Twitter, Apple, and Google specializing in building products for developers. When he is not staring at screens, he enjoys family time with his wife and daughter. He can be reached at gjones [at] twilio.com or "@gpj"

Aaron is a Software Engineer based out of the Twilio Denver, CO hub. He is part of the Developer Interfaces Team that handles development on all of the Twilio SDK helper libraries. Also, he just celebrated his one year anniversary at Twilio!

Bilal is a Software Engineer from Brooklyn, NY. He is a part of the Developer Interfaces Team at Twilio that manages development on the Twilio server-side SDK's. He also cannot get enough of the new God of War game!