How Twilio delivers unrivaled messaging reliability

Solving SMS deliverability at scale with the Twilio Super Network
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unrivaled Messaging reliability

What’s inside

Messaging at scale

Delivering messages to the intended recipient at the right time, with the correct content and from the correct source address is not a guarantee; read this white paper to better understand how Twilio’s Super Network overcomes the complexities of SMS deliverability:

  • Delivery confirmations aren’t always accurate
  • Sender IDs aren’t always straightforward
  • Regulations and standards vary by country and region

Twilio Super Network

Business-critical message delivery

24/7 monitoring and end-to-end testing allows the Twilio Super Network to circumvent SMS deliverability issues by:

  • Detecting and resolving 99% of incidents, proactively routing customer messages around problems
  • Triggering an alert less than 15 minutes from when an issue starts
  • Notifying impacted, but unaware, carrier operators, in 95% of cases
Twilio Super Network

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