Sending SMS and MMS with A2P 10DLC

New A2P dedicated routes offer increased throughput, improved deliverability, and ensure SMS is a channel for long term customer engagement

  • Engage with your customers using a verified local identity (a local phone number)
  • Throughput to meet your business needs ranging between 3-180 messages per second
  • Simple registration within Twilio’s Trust Hub which enables you to create and manage a centralized business identity and save time with 1 verification process for all channels.
  • Build, scale, and optimize your messaging application to reach your customers globally with Twilio’s Programmable Messaging API

The Same Number Just Got Better

Twilio is your strategic partner as changes in business messaging improve consumer trust and increase the ROI of each message. A2P 10DLC offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers using a verified local identity with higher throughput and deliverability, and combines it with the power of a local identity.

Sending SMS and MMS with A2P 10DLC
Twilio is particularly known for its high quality, feature-rich software platform, its data-centric approach to software development, its fast pace of innovation and its strong and highly engaged developer and partner ecosystem. MnGee-Smith Analytics
Enterprises that are looking for a feature-rich, enterprise-scale contact center out-of-the-box but want to retain the ability to make any changes they want to any part of the contact center will want to evaluate Twilio. Aragon Research
Customers want a contact center that works out-of-the-box, and the ability to programmatically change any of the building blocks it’s made from rather than having to purchase expensive equipment or rigid, prepackaged communications solutions that are inflexible. FROST & SULLIVAN

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A2P 10DLC and US Business Messaging

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What A2P 10DLC Registration Means for You


Get up and running with code samples for all your
use cases

Deploy SMS with APIs built for your use case. Our code samples are available in C#, Java, Node.js, PHP,
Python, or Ruby. Start building today.


Proactively inform customers about account activity, purchase confirmations, and shipping notifications.

Marketing messages

Engage customers with targeted offers on the channels they prefer.

Appointment Reminders

Send messages to your customers to remind them about upcoming appointments.


Deliver one-time passwords for user verification with the Verify API that’s built for global reach and massive scale.


Build customer relationships with secure, cross-channel conversations that can include multiple parties, all on one platform.


Pay-as-you-go pricing with volume discounts

No-shenanigans pricing based on your usage, with additional discounts
for committed usage as you scale.

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Twilio is your strategic partner for A2P 10DLC

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