Catering for Tomorrow's Customer - Today
How Insurers are Reimagining Digital Customer Engagement

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What lessons have carriers learnt from the past two years to help reimagine digital customer engagement?

We all know that demand from customers has shifted dramatically in recent years, and carriers have been striving to improve their offerings in response - but what has actually worked? Identifying the key takeaways from the last two years is vital in the struggle to effectively reimagine digital customer engagement.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to solving these issues; every carrier requires their own, tailored approach. Discover how the biggest carriers are selecting the right tools to create the ‘VIP-experience’ for every customer, and the benefits they are reaping as a result.

Join the panel of experts, as they discuss:

  • Look back, to move forward: Identify and prioritize the key lessons learnt during the pandemic, and how these can be implemented in the years to come to achieve increased customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.
  • API optimization: APIs are now a key link in the chain when creating a holistic engagement strategy. Ensure you don’t get left behind by staying on top of how digital engagement initiatives are driving change through API technology.
  • Does the shoe fit?: Each customer requires a different mix of digital engagement channels. Find out how a well-defined and pliant digital engagement strategy can lead to the ultimate CX, and explore the far-reaching effects of a happy customer base.

Meet the Presenters


Dan Perry

Senior Product Owner, Cognitive Experience and Digital Messaging - Liberty Mutual Insurance


Jasmine Green

Vice President of Enterprise Customer Solutions and Enablement - Nationwide


Bijon Mehta

Global Head of Financial Services - Twilio


Bryan Falchuk

Founder and Managing Partner - Insurance Evolution Partners

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