Get Ready for the New Relationship Economy

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It’s comforting to imagine that consumers feel exclusively emotionally connected to your business – that once they’ve started buying from you, they will loyally keep doing so, forsaking all others. Twilio’s new Relationship Economy 2023 report shows that this is a dangerous fantasy.

The truth is that today’s consumers feel emotional connections to wide range of different brands – and are increasingly suspicious of those that take them for granted. To succeed in this post-monogamous world, it’s crucial to play by the rules of open brand relationships: honesty, respect and a commitment to helping customers feel special. Download our full report to find out how.

The Relationship Economy 2023: What you need to know

Our in-depth report reveals how today’s consumers have moved past exclusive brand relationships, empowering themselves to make more promiscuous buying choices and suspicious of those businesses that take their loyalty as assumed. It also shows how smart businesses can make this newly open relationship economy work for them:
  • On average, consumers feel emotionally drawn to 4.75 different brands, with no single one having an exclusive claim on their loyalty
  • Only 15% of consumers prioritise the emotional connection they feel when dealing with a brand, far fewer than put the focus on expertise (31%) or efficiency (24%)
  • When asked about the qualities of brand relationships that matter to them, only 22% of consumers choose, ‘long-lasting’
  • Honesty (43%) and reliability (41%) are the characteristics of brands that consumers seek out from brands – forming closer relationships to those that are consistently there for them
  • In a non-monogamous world, it’s crucial to make each moment with consumers count, delivering on promises in exciting and unpredictable ways that leave buyers feeling special
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