[Virtual Event] Uplevel Customer Engagement with the #1 CDP and your Contact Center

Sonia Sidhpura Timothy Richter Kathleen Velasquez
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Customers expect personalized experiences, but businesses cannot cater to preferences without understanding how customers actually would like to engage.

Even with expansive customer engagement stacks (including channels like SMS and Email), many businesses collect customer data in silos, which presents a challenge when trying to paint a holistic picture of the customer. This is where Twilio Segment, the #1 CDP, empowers every team with the ability to collect, unify, and connect customer data at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

During this 45-minute virtual event, experts from Twilio Segment will show you how to integrate customer data and bring a holistic view of the customer to your cloud contact center. By combining the power of the #1 Customer Data Platform with the world’s most powerful contact center platform, Twilio Flex, your business will be able to level-up its customer engagement strategy and give customers what they want.

Meet the Presenters

Sonia Sidhpura

Sonia Sidhpura,

Director of Product Marketing, Twilio Segment
Timothy Richter

Timothy Richter,

Product Marketing Director, Twilio Flex
Kathleen Velasquez

Kathleen Velasquez,

Product Marketing Manager, Twilio Segment
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