Level Up with Twilio Programmable Voice

Date & time

Add a phone to your browser using the Twilio Voice SDK.

We'll guide you through best practices for adding telephony to your web applications.

Programmable Voice Sept 2022.png

Meet the Presenters

Brianna DelValle

Educator and Software Developer
Brianna DelValle is an educator and software developer based in Denver, Colorado. At Twilio, she's the Developer Educator devoted to Twilio Voice products. Informed by years as a middle school math teacher in Denver and her experience as a professional developer, Brianna strives to increase the accessibility and comprehensibility of Twilio's documentation for audiences of all ability levels and cultural backgrounds.

Craig Dennis

Developer Educator, Twilio
Craig Dennis is a Developer Educator with decades of software experience. A teacher, backend developer, and self-taught polyglot who thrives in the deep end, Craig encourages learners of all skill levels to embrace the growth mindset. You should hang out.
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