Level Up On Twilio Studio: Using No Code tools when you are a coder

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No Code tools are everywhere and are generating tons of buzz. There are many blog posts/hit pieces that threaten that it will replace all of us developers...which is imho...ridic. The tone can definitely put a bad taste in your mouth, I know it did for me.

In this LevelUp, I'd love to set the record straight and show you how you can use No Code tools for your benefit. We'll build an SMS based Chatbot and a fully featured IVR using Twilio's No Code tool, Studio, and still have time left for questions. I'll outline the benefits and demonstrate how to connect with actual external APIs.

We'll discuss No Code tools in general, and show how you can leverage them to make your life easier. More like No (More) Code (that I don't like to write)

Meet the Presenters

Craig Dennis

Developer Educator, Twilio
Craig is a Developer Educator with decades of software experience. A teacher, backend developer, and self-taught polyglot who thrives in the deep end, Craig encourages learners of all skill levels to embrace the growth mindset. You should hang out.
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